walter edward carver

About The Book

ALL THE TALENT IN THE WORLD is the fictional story of two high school young men, one of whom becomes an attorney and the other, a National Basketball Association (NBA) star.  During the next ten years of maturing, the two become involved with scams, con artists, murder, the Polish Mafia, and a humiliating arrest by the Philadelphia police.  This story is filled with actual facts and data-based statistics.  It is presented as fiction to make it more interesting.  There is never a reference to race, curse words, or ghetto slang.  The novel positively highlights the life-enhancing value of education.

About The Author - Walter Edward Carver

Walter Edward Carver, author of All The Talent In The World, has long been interested in the law, professional sports, and fine art.  Writing daily within the visually pleasing but still stimulating book-filled shelves of a generous reference library, he enjoys creating novels which make sometimes tedious subjects fascinating.  One of his more popular novels is titled STOCK TRADING FOR THE INNOCENT.  It is a data-based fictional account of one family’s struggles to invest in the sometimes mysterious and not always transparent American stock markets. Originally from the Midwest, he now lives in Glendale, Arizona.

Coming soon:
The sequel to Walter Edward Carver All The Talent In The World